New Mums & Bubs Yoga Class

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Mums and Bubs Yoga – Fridays 11.15am – 12.00pm…
(Mother must have had 6-8 post-natal check up and babies up to and before crawling)

Post-natal yoga class designed for mum and baby.
A wonderful opportunity for you as a new mum to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby. Discover how yoga can help you stretch, strengthen and tone your body.

Whether you are new to yoga or reconnecting with it, these classes will restore your sense of well being.

The morning sickness, achy lower back, and fatigue of pregnancy have passed. But for new mamas, a whole other different set of physical conditions often accompanies the bliss of loving your little creation. Luckily, a few simple yoga poses address the most common concerns. Our bodies are always in transition, so don’t think that you have to be exactly the way you were before pregnancy, but you can expect to be healthy, vital, and strong again. Mum’s aren’t the only ones who can benefit from yoga; a few basic moves for your baby can make your infant more comfortable and calm.

Benefits of Mother and Baby Yoga:

  • Strengthening and toning your muscles, especially abdominals, pelvic floor and back.
  • Encouraging you and your baby to find time and space for relaxation.
  • Using the breath to increasing calm and confidence.
  • Improving your sleep.
  • Engaging and bonding with your baby.


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