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I have been studying Pilates for a few years now, but I have never been taught by a studio with so much spirit and enthusiasm . I came to Shaena just over a year ago, and I have seen so much improvement in my body and the way that it moves.
I struggle with a chronic health condition and Pilates with Shaena has been a real therapy for it. I recently suffered from sciatica which has been very painful, but has been made manageable by doing Pilates a couple of times a week. From being in so much pain I could only lie flat, to now having minimal discomfort and more strength, I am super grateful that Shaena was able to work her magic again.
Ms. Knight
Pilates has given me back my back! I now attend a weekly Pilates class and I love it! The teaching is always so clear and I trust the movements I am being instructed to make. I always feel so much straighter, longer and balanced after each lesson as well as clearer in my mind. Would highly recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to start Pilates or is looking to continue with this fantastic form of exercise.
Shaena's sessions aid body, mind and soul. I always leave a class feeling empowered mentally and renewed physically. In these difficult times this is my 'go to' for getting myself a few moments of normality
A Pilates class with Shaena is an amazing addition to any sport you do. It's blown my mind and body as to how pilates can help improve your body.
Helen F
No matter how you feel at the start of Shaena's lesson, you feel a million dollars and cherished by the end.
Why I love The Core Zone?…
The 3 Rs: Released; Restored; Relaxed.
You work wonders Shaena
A wonderful place to go for Pilates. All of the staff are just brilliant and do their very best to make you feel amazing.