The Greatest Wealth is Health

The Core Zone has been trading since 2003 and currently resides in the beautiful Stone Barn conversions at Burgess Farm in Middleton Cheney, near Banbury. The space has been designed to promote a relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy exercise.

The core principles promoted at The Core Zone are based on developing deep connections for within the mind and body. We offer a range of holistic classes, pilates courses and therapies designed to encourage our clients to discover those connections and develop a self awareness. We embrace the theory that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and general attitude can positively or negatively affect our biological function. To quote Joseph Pilates “The mind itself, builds the body.”

Likewise, what we do with our physical body – what we eat, how we exercise, our posture etc. can impact our mental state. This results in a complex interrelationship between our minds and bodies.  We are here to support you through the process of taking control of your emotional and physical health and wellbeing, at a pace that is comfortable, using techniques most suited to your ability.

Feel a difference in just 8 classes

Whether you are suffering from a joint problem, injury or just want to feel great, we have a wide range of mixed classes available throughout the week to suit all levels from beginners to experienced.