What should I wear for pilates?

We recommend wearing light comfortable clothing to both pilates and yoga. Items that allow free movement, so opt for something with plenty of stretch. Our only stipulation is that you avoid wearing clothing with zips, belts or buckles, as these can cause damage to our mats and flooring also for hygiene reasons we ask socks are worn to all classes.

How do I pay?

In most instances our Pilates classes run on an 8 week course basis at a cost of £96 incl vat, payable in advance. In the wake of The Corona Virus pandemic, we have moved away from cash payments made in reception and now request contactless payment either by card or Apple Pay. Alternatively customers can call during reception opening hours to pay over the phone. Monday morning classes with Laura and Saturday morning classes with Tracey are pay as you go and should be booked and paid for online – https://www.thecorezone.co.uk/book-classes/. All classes are kept small, maximum of 12 people to ensure instructors can correct, re-align and give personal attention to all members of the group.

Yoga courses may vary in length, please visit  https://www.lisavalentineyoga.co.uk   for up to date course information and fees.

Do I need a medical?

No medical is required before starting any of our courses or treatments, but we do ask you to complete a basic medical questionnaire and attend a brief consultation to enable our instructors or therapist to get to know you, recommend the most appropriate treatment or exercise and discuss mutual availability .

Do I need to bring any equipment with me?

No need to rush out to purchase a yoga mat or balance ball – we provide all the equipment you will need during our classes.

Vaccination and Covid protocol.

Although there is no requirement for our customers to be fully vaccinated, our business ethos to make customer safety a priority remains. Therefore all our staff and instructors are fully vaccinated against COVID 19 and we continue to follow the recognised safety guidelines to prevent infection, by ventilating communal spaces, sanitising equipment and wearing masks as required.

Can I have a refund, as I didn’t make all the classes this term?

We appreciate, when life is busy, it can be difficult to attend every single class, but due to the fact we have a substantial waiting list for our classes, we feel it is unreasonable to contact us at the end of a term to request a refund for classes you have missed.  If you can’t make more than 3 consecutive classes (we appreciate everyone needs a holiday) and you don’t want to pay for the weeks you can’t attend, we suggest you skip that course, and book up for the next one. For those clients who are happy to pay for a full course but cannot attend all 8 classes we do offer up to 3 replacement video classes in any one 8 week course. All we ask is for is advance emailed notice of the weeks that you cannot attend and we will send you a web-link to a pre-recorded class.

If you book ANY session, be it classes or private tuition with any of our instructors and /or therapists it is assumed you have read and agreed the terms and conditions, accepted our cancellation policies and are happy to abide by them.

I can’t make all the classes next term, can I just pay for the classes I can make?

We do understand that you won’t want to pay for a full term if you are going to miss more than one or two, but likewise we believe to get the most from our classes there needs to be a reasonable level of commitment from you. Therefore we are unable to offer refunds for missed classes. Our T&C clearly state to keep your space in any class we must have payment in full for the term.   If you decide to relinquish your place we have the right to give that place to someone on our waiting list.

Can I return to the same class if I miss a term?

If you have let your space go and someone takes your place, they then have the right to stay in that class if they choose to for the following term.  We could no more ask them to vacate the space for you to return any more than we would ask you to vacate the space for them!  We will of course advise you of all the spaces available when you want to return, you might get lucky and be able to return to your previous class but be prepared to accept a space in another class and go on the waiting list for the preferred class. We will move you back as soon as we can.

Why can’t you keep my place in a class, if I pay for a full term?

Our staff and instructors work hard to manage the smooth running of The Core Zone, and for clients to benefit fully from any of our classes it is import they attend as regularly as possible. Rather than pay for a full term you cannot attend let us give you some tailored homework instead, or practice at home with our 20 minute Pilates videos – you can always sign up for the next term.

Yes we run a business, but we care for our customers too. We are here to teach, share our knowledge and help all of our clients. Please let us do this for YOU as we, the team, pride ourselves in giving you the individual tailored attention you deserve.