Clinical Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe process that offers a deep form of relaxation. It encourages you to use your own powerful unconscious mind to make positive changes in everyday life. It is a safe and gentle way to achieve results faster than with the more traditional techniques.

A good hypnotherapist knows how to guide you through the experience of trance to gently release fears and create a new inner belief in yourself and the changes you seek.

The effect of trance is generally a feeling of calm relaxation. You are aware of your surroundings but able to disregard them.

You remain in control and able to wake up at any time. You cannot be hypnotised against your will and it is possible to break most habits at a light level of trance.

The most important factor in success is a desire to change things. If you really want to change, then hypnosis can boost your confidence and encourage self-motivation, giving you an effective way to achieve your goals. Here are just a few of the areas where hypnotherapy can be very effective:

  • To help you stop smoking easily and quickly
  • Relief from the symptoms of IBS
  • Phobia release
  • Improvement in confidence and self-esteem
  • Release from the symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Increasing your motivation
  • Overcoming difficulties associated with traumatic memories
  • Anger management
  • Conquering nerves prior to exams, interviews, presentation or public speaking
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Personal performance in sport or business
  • Help with weight management
  • And much more….
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Clinical Hypnotherapy