We regularly hold special and invitation only events here at The Core Zone, including Taster Days, Seasonal Meditation Sessions and our very popular Lavender Nights. Please browse through the selection below, check our Newsletters section, visit our Facebook page or see our blackboard in reception for information on  all our future events.

Calming Lavender events at The Core Zone

Lavender Nights

A very popular event, Lavender Nights help teach the art of relaxation and meditation.

This evening has been designed to deeply relax your mind and body. Soothing your mind into guided meditation, bathed in candlelight under warm blankets. Using oils infused with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Camomile two of our therapists indulge you with slow massage techniques and gentle pressure point releases, that work to reduce tension in your scalp creating an all encompassing “Head Fuss”.

To conclude the evening you will be encouraged to snuggle under your blanket and slowly sip a warming hot chocolate or Horlicks or a soothing herbal tea.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks. Not suitable during pregnancy.

Sessions take the form of a 90 minute group session in the Stone Barn studio
Price £25 pp

Release Shoulder Tensions

shoulder release workshop

Do you suffer with stiff shoulders, tight inflexible neck muscles that cause you to feel ‘wound up’ and tired? Poor posture, repetitive strain from work or play or even hormonal elements could be to blame.

The shoulder girdle has 5 muscles that work in combination for optimum movement. In this 60 minute workshop Shaena will guide you through a series of combined stretching and mobilising movements to help release the stiffness and to promote functionality.

An ideal tonic to release tensions and restore a little inner peace.

Sessions take the form of a 60 minute group session in the Stone Barn studio
Price £25 pp

Release the Psoas Muscle at The Core Zone Banbury

Psoas & Deep Core Release

The Psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in the body. They are the link between our spine, diaphragm and legs, and therefore, involved in almost every movement we make. In this special 60 minute session you will be guided through a sequence of slow, deep stretches.

These relaxing stretches will work to release tensions held in your body, reduce symptoms of IBS, improve flexibility in the lower back and pelvis, all of which are common issues caused by modern lifestyles.

Participating in this special workshop will promote body awareness and improve Pilates practice.

The evening will conclude with a freshly made, healthy juice.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks

Duration: 6.30pm  – 7.30pm in the form of a group session with a maximum of 12 people
in The Stone Barn studio.
Price £25 pp

Sound Healing with Carol Love

Sound Healing with Carole Love

Restore your inner self while re-tuning your mind & body

Sound healing is one of the oldest and most ancient forms of healing and dates back thousands of years. The sacred sound of the gongs produce frequencies that can help resolve emotional, physical or spiritual dissonance; helping us find balance and harmony.

During a ‘Gong Bath’ the gongs generate waves of sound that intersperse with and bathe over our entire body – reaching parts of us that aren’t always reachable with other modalities. Re-aligning our cells and pressing the re-set button as it were! These powerful gongs are invaluable tools for stress reduction & personal transformation.

Allow yourself to rediscover your true sense of self and re-connect to your own inner peace.

Enjoy your own personal sound journey where you can switch off and relax. Once you’ve had your first Gong Sound Bath you will want more!

The indulgent evening will conclude with a mug of hot chocolate, horlicks or herbal tea.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks

90 minute group session starting at 7.30pm in the Stone Barn studio hosted by Carole Love
Price £25 pp

Pilates for Teenagers

Release & Restore

The evening event will involve a fusion of breath work to release diaphragm and pelvic floor tensions caused by stress and poor posture, flowing into very slow, gentle restorative stretches to release shortened, tight muscles, ease heavy legs, physical lethargy, aches and pains. You’ll then be encouraged to snuggle down under a warm fluffy blanket to clear your mind with a guided meditation, nurturing you back to peace and calm. Warm stones, essential oils and a soothing head massage (using a “therapy octopus comb” per person) will follow. The evening will conclude with a mug of hot chocolate, Horlicks or herbal tea.

(All usual covid health and hygiene protocol will be in place)

Sessions take the form of a 2 Hour Studio session

Price £25 pp

Developmental Stretch Workshop

The benefits of a good stretch are often under estimated. In fact the combination of deep, steady breathing and accurate stretching techniques can enhance energy levels, release toxins, increase circulation and are fundamental for relaxation. 

During this guided workshop Sheana will demonstrate how breathing through deep stretches to encourage muscles to relax can bring magical, therapeutic results.

With each stretch you will focus on taking time to breath, whilst going deeper into the stretch. Your body will respond to these stretches by increasing circulation, releasing toxins and improving energy levels.

Regularly practising deep stretches will improve the range of movement in major joints and as a consequence, in time, relieve painful pressure.

The workshop will conclude with a short relaxing meditation session and a fresh, cleansing smoothie

Please wear comfy clothes and socks.

Sessions take the form of a 70 minute group session in the Stables studio
Price £20 pp

Nutrion talk at the core zone

Spring Detox

Come March or April many of us are ready for some spring-cleaning, not just for our homes but for our minds and bodies too.
Spring is the ideal time to renew and to cleanse our bodies and despite having a natural ability to eliminate waste products, sometimes our bodies need a boost to remove these toxins.
Join us for a detoxing pamper that can help your body cleanse itself. The evening will include gentle Thai massage realigning energy lines and aided yoga stretches, Indian head massage, lavender eye pillows and Spring guided meditation. It will conclude with a delicious, all natural, juice or smoothie.

This evening will help you feel more energized, lighter and healthier, especially if you’ve been feeling sluggish or are experiencing digestion problems, have a lack of stamina, poor concentration, aches and pains, or skin problems.

Sessions start at 6.30pm taking the form of a group session in the Stone Barn studio
Price £25 pp

Core Zone Online Relaxation event


We are offering you an ultimate relaxation experience whilst in the comfort and safety of your own home. Covid-19 has forced us to adapt the way we live our lives in many ways so, thanks to the wonders of Zoom we’ve designed a special online relaxation event to help you make the very best of this unusual situation .

Join Shaena for an evening of combined slow stretches and meditation to encourage the body to release tensions caused by stress or poor posture. The session will commence with flowing, gentle stretches. These movements are essential for good health and wellbeing. Releasing tensions in the body through movement and breath is a powerful but very relaxing practice and can assist internal organs with the detoxing process, improve joint mobility, range of movement and provide a general sense of calm.

To completely relax your inner self a 20 minute meditation will conclude this session. 

To enjoy this evening to the max we recommend you take a warm shower or bath before this session, find a suitable quiet place in your home to set up a mat, blankets and 2 cushions with sufficient space to move and stretch. To add to the relaxing ambience light some scented candles (positioned safely) and dim your lights then prepare to totally melt away the stresses of an extraordinary year. .

When the session is complete you wont have to get up, go out into the cold winter night and drive home, just snuggle down into a restful night’s sleep. 

Sessions take the form of a 90 minute Zoom session

Access links will be included on booking confirmation email.
Price £15 pp

link to Relaxation workshop

Stress to Success Workshops

An invaluable event specifically designed for young people, to assist with managing pre-exam stress or general anxiety issues. Our DBS certified trainers will guide them through effective breathing exercises, discuss signs and symptoms of anxiety and provide visualisation tools and recommend coping strategies. And, because we appreciate the important part exercise plays in stress reduction, participants will be shown basic, relaxing Pilates and Yoga moves, followed by a short meditation session. To conclude, if participants are comfortable doing so, they will receive a gentle head massage to stimulate circulation, and then be encouraged to sit, wrapped in a blanket with a soothing hot drink, before heading home for a restful night’s sleep.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks. 

Sessions take the form of a 60 minute group held in the Stone Barn studio.  Price £20 pp

Weekly Yoga classes in Middleton Cheney

Yoga Workshops

Our resident yoga expert Lisa Valentine regularly hosts a variety workshops in our Stables Studio.