We regularly hold special and invitation only events here at The Core Zone, including Taster Days, Seasonal Meditation Sessions and our very popular Lavender Nights. Please check our News section, visit our Facebook page or see our blackboard in reception for information on  all our future events.


The Psoas muscles are the deepest muscles in the body. They are the link between our spine, diaphragm and legs, and therefore, involved in almost every movement we make. In this special 45 minute session you will learn techniques to open the diaphragm and improve upper spine flexibility, which in turn can aid digestion and ease bloated or stressed tummies. We are confident this session will open your mind, give you a better understanding of your inner self and induce a restful sleep.

The unique workshop will conclude with a freshly made healthy juice.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks

Duration: 8.30pm  – 9.15pm in the form of a group session with a maximum of 12 people
Price £20

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A very popular event, Lavender Nights help teach the art of relaxation.

Experience 90 minutes of gentle meditation therapy, breathing techniques, soothing warm stones and lavender oils accompanied by calm music and subdued candlelight.
The indulgent evening is concluded with a mug of hot chocolate, horlicks or herbal tea.

Please wear comfy clothes and socks

Sessions start at 6.30pm in the form of a group session in the studio
Price £20 pp

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Sound can be very powerful – just think how music can affect – physically, mentally and emotionally – can make you feel happy, sad, alive, relaxed etc. Gongs and other instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Shakers and Drums are used as a form sound therapy, with the player taking you into a deep state of relaxation. The instruments envelop you in a cocoon of sound that feels warm, deeply cleansing and nurturing.

The vibrations of the instruments have wonderful effects on the human being from top to toe. On a physical level, your cells will all vibrate (some people who feel this strongly describe it as their limbs feeling fizzy!). On an emotional level you may find yourself opening up from the heart, feeling things you’ve not felt since childhood. And in the mind, your brainwaves are massaged such that you go through states akin to day-dreaming, meditation and deep sleep. Many people find the experience very spiritual in nature, and most find it deeply relaxing.

Inevitably, everyone’s experience will be slightly different. Most people tell me they feel amazing – relaxed yet energised; that they sleep like a log and can’t wait for the next time! Sometimes when there is a lot of tension to release (mental, physical, and/or emotional) you can feel slightly irritable or tearful afterwards …but that’s a good thing … shows healing taking place.

The sounds enable you to re-group, re-energise, re-balance.


Come and chill out at a wonderful Gong Sound Bath – a sonic massage to release tension from mind, body and soul.  You lay fully clothed, snuggled under a blanket and let the sounds to wash over you – bathing you with beautiful vibrations that can take you to a place of deep, restorative calm.  Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes and rattles create a magical sound journey for you to enjoy.

The first time you come, inevitably, you’ll be feeling curious, perhaps even a bit nervous. A lot of people say it just gets better and better each time they come along.

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Sound healing is one of the oldest and most ancient forms of healing and dates back thousands of years. The sacred sound of the gongs produce frequencies that can help resolve emotional, physical or spiritual dissonance; helping us find balance and harmony.

The mantras are a lifegiving force of their own and a powerful transformative lifelong tool to carry with you long after the sessions have finished.

During a ‘Gong Bath’ the gongs generate waves of sound that intersperse with and bathe over our entire body – reaching parts of us that aren’t always reachable with other modalities. Re-aligning our cells and pressing the re-set button as it were! These powerful gongs are invaluable tools for stress reduction & personal transformation.

Allow yourself to rediscover your true sense of self and re-connect to your own inner peace.

Enjoy your own personal sound journey where you can switch off and relax. Once you’ve had your first Gong Sound Bath you will want more!

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By Spring many of us are ready for some spring-cleaning, not just for our homes but for our minds and bodies as well.
Spring is the ideal time to renew and to cleanse our bodies and despite having a natural ability to eliminate waste products, sometimes our bodies need a boost to remove these toxins.
Join us for a detoxing pamper that can help your body cleanse itself. The evening will include gentle Thai massage realigning energy lines and aided yoga stretches, Indian head massage, lavender eye pillows and Spring guided meditation. It will conclude with a delicious, all natural, juice or smoothie.

This evening will help you feel more energized, lighter and healthier, especially if you’ve been feeling sluggish or are experiencing digestion problems, have a lack of stamina, poor concentration, aches and pains, or skin problems.

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