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Click on the images below to view our video tasters, showing examples of the typical exercises you would experience in our regular classes.


If you enjoyed our taster videos, why not participate in one of our scheduled online classes. Simply click on the links below to book. We'd love to meet you.
Deep Stretch video

Pilates with Shaena

Tuesday and Thursday
09:30 and 10:30
18:00 and 19:00
These 50 minute classes are suitable for all levels. Shaena will cue corrections throughout the session to keep you focused on your alignment and comfort. You will be offered different level options as in a regular class.
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Barre Pilates with Clemmie

These fun, 50 minute classes are suitable for all levels and you definitely don't need a barre bolted to your walls to participate. Using a chair as a prop Clemmie will guide you through a selection of high reps of a small range-of-motion movements. The routine may appear gentle, but we guarantee you will feel the burn!
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Rise & Shine Pilates with Tracey

These 50 minute classes are suitable for all levels. Tracey will guide you through a routine to gently awaken your mind and body, whilst leaving you feeling energised, leaner and stronger. She will cue corrections throughout the session to keep you focused on alignment and comfort and offer different level options as in her regular class.
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If you are new to The Core Zone we ask you contact us BEFORE signing up to our classes in order to discuss any medical concerns you may have or expectations of practicing Pilates. Whilst our studios are closed you can call Sheana directly on 07967149057 or email
We may request you complete a New Client Registration and Medical Questionnaire before you participate in an online class, available here for you to download, complete and return to us via email to

Scroll through the class calendar below and select your preferred class, course or package then follow the prompts to make a booking.

Using the calendar below, you can now choose to book individual classes, a full 6 week course or select a flexible 6 or 12 Class Pass. Payment is made directly with a credit or debit card, thus removing the necessity to sign-up with a third party booking platform and memorising yet another username and password!! 
We hope you enjoy using our new booking system, but if you have problems or questions please email and one of the team will get back to you ASAP.

If you opt to purchase a Class Pass you must allocate the classes you wish to attend.
To do this, once you have completed the payment process, simply return to the class calendar, select the classes you wish to attend one at a time, completing your name and email details when prompted, then confirm the booking. You can scroll through the calendar to view future weeks by clicking on the small blue arrows at the top of the booking area. You will receive a confirmation email for each class booked containing Zoom access details.

Useful information to note before you book

These streamed classes are offered to existing Core Zone clients who have previously completed a medical questionnaire, enabling us to teach safely and provide more individual guidance where needed. Instructors cannot guarantee to supply personal corrections to all participants during these streamed classes, but there will be general queued corrections throughout to keep you focused on alignment and comfort.
Options for difficulty levels will be suggested, as in our regular Pilates classes. However, please for your own safety, practice within your safe limit without strain, popped bellies or transferred pain

If an existing medical condition changes during the time we are operating with online classes, please inform us of any concerns before you book a class. This is to help us ensure we teach you safely without any contraindications to your issues.

Please refrain from sharing any booking link or class invitation with any third party, this is for insurance reasons and participants safety. As an existing client of The Core Zone we will have already gone through a medical questionnaire with you providing the information required to be able to teach you safely and give you a more individual tailored alternative where needed.

If you have a friend or relative that would like to join our online classes please ask them to contact The Core Zone before booking, so a member of the team can go through a medical questionnaire with them and discuss any concerns associated with participating in a class.

hitch free participation

To access our online classes you will need a smart phone, iPad or laptop and be signed up to either online or via an app. Zoom is a free service and only takes a minute to sign up. You will receive the relevant access details on your confirmation booking email.

Please join the session 5 minutes prior to the stated start time to allow for initial greetings and a settling period.

Please mute your microphone when asked.

Please practice in a child, pet and obstruction free space.

Please have to hand a dining chair, towel, cushion, a glass of water and a big smile!

important Customer Declaration

To adhere to health and safety guidelines and in compliance with our insurance policy, when booking our online classes we assume all online customers agree to declare the following:  .

I hereby declare that I take full responsibility for my actions and for any injury sustained whilst practicing on line classes with The Core Zone and their instructors.
I will be mindful of my body and not strain or practice levels that are not suitable for my condition or abilities.
I have a clear space to practice in and appropriate clothing that won’t cause any trip hazard.

We look forward to seeing you online very soon .