Shaena Charles Pilates Instructor

Shaena Charles 

Founder and Director of The Core Zone, Shaena has over 27 years experience within the fitness industry, ranging from personal training, aerobics instructor, weight training, MOD fitness instructor, remedial massage therapist through to Classical Pilates. Her combined skills have resulted in her being an approved therapist for GP referrals and taken her to the legendary 24 hour Le Mans race, twice, as team physio. Shanea's real speciality, is teaching Classical Pilates. Always taking care to ensure her students are positioned correctly, Shaena's seemingly endless Pilates moves, will be unlike other classes you may have attended. With students aged from 8 to 84, Pilates with Shaena can only be described as a complete mind and body work out, medically improving your spine's health and your mind's wellbeing. Shaena believes classes are about the students and not about the instructor trying to impress them

Tracey Timms Pilates instructor

Tracey Timms

Tracey has a passion for all sports and has taught in schools for the past 17 years, holding the post of a PE School Sports Coordinator for the past 15 years, which has lead her to follow an organic path to specialise in inclusion for pupils with special educational needs. Tracey’s love affair with Pilates began over a decade ago when she became one of Shaena’s students. ‘It is a fitness method that not only spans our differences but celebrates them. From my very first time Pilates lesson, it was made clear that my body was as unique as the person on the mat next to me  — everything from the shape of my bones and muscles, to my alignment, and even how my brain interprets and signals movement. Pilates can have a profound impact, not just on someone’s body, but on their life.’ I am so excited to be part of the The Core Zone team. I love to teach clients how to apply our Pilates basic principles and seeing the improvement each individual client shows, from their body awareness to fostering the freedom to move, developing confidence with your body, physical integrity, and mind-body revitalization. The Core Zone is more than a studio, we're a community. "

Laura Knowles

Laura Knowles

Laura has taken a leap into the world of Pilates after having two children and striving to create more of the ubiquitous work life balance we all so desire. Laura believes that Pilates is for every single body and uses a variety of props and movement to pursue her passion of inclusion. Most recently, she has completed pre and postnatal training as well as incorporating the resistance band and fascial movement into her Pilates programmes. Her current training features in her diverse teaching - no two sessions are the same however there's plenty of familiarity to keep confidence high. Laura considers the needs of each individual client to ensure that their goals are addressed and each week, the programme progresses to stay attuned to clients' needs. The focus of stability to provide mobility to the body provides the focal point of her teaching. Laura looks forward to welcoming you into her sessions.

Clemmie Milnes Pilates Instructor

Clemmie Milnes

From a young age Clemmie has been involved in the arts, enjoying all things theatre, especially dance. A true people person she brings a beautiful positivity to any environment.
Following nearly 6 years of studies, she became artistic director at a special needs day care service specialising in performing arts. Having suffered from anxiety for many years Clemmie found Pilates to be a real life changer! She loved the mind/body connection that she achieved through Pilates so much she took the plunge to train as an instructor and has never looked back. She has enjoyed helping those in her classes develop and achieve their personal goals. Clemmie brings a depth of knowledge, flow and purpose to her classes, assisting clients to connect to their body and truly focus on the movements. Her warm personality creates a fun and friendly atmosphere supported by a gentle rhythmic routine to suit everybody’s needs. But don't be fooled these gentle moves pack a punch and she will make sure you can feel you’ve worked the next day!

Core Zone Lisa Profile pic


Lisa has been practising Yoga for 20 years. Vinyasa Flow is a fusion of various styles combined, bringing the very best of all Yogas to her happy clients. Her continuous learning and depth of knowledge gained from workshops around the world including India and Thailand ensure the very highest standards of Yoga practice. Lisa's happy, hands on approach, with her genuine caring side ensures good progression in this ancient healing art.

Core Zone Becca Profile pic


Becca began her yoga journey over 10 years ago attending local classes, a few years later she caught the yoga bug and started to explore the practice further. This lead her to become a certified mum and baby, toddler and children’s yoga teacher and has recently completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Sandstone Yoga in Birmingham Becca is passionate about teaching yoga and that the practice should be accessible to everyone. She is always evolving, always learning, from both teachers and her students.


Lisa Guntrip massage Therapist

Lisa G

Lisa, specialises in deep tissue and warm stone massage. Another one of our busy working Mums, she is super organised and often impresses with the effortless way she calmly juggles her stressful day job, with being a mum and an excellent massage therapist. She has very strong hands which is a fundamental requirement when performing deep tissue massage. If you are struggling with chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders a couple of treatments from Lisa will leave you floating on air!

Charlotte Church Physiotherapist


Charlotte is a pelvic health physiotherapist. She has been working in this specialist field for over 15 years. She has worked in several large teaching hospitals. She has taught at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Clinically, she has a wealth of experience in treating obstetrics (Ante natal and post natal) including the Mummy MOT, bladder & bowel dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic conditions, bladder pain, pelvic pain, men’s health including pre/ post prostatectomy advice and rehabilitation. Charlotte holds a weekly clinic here, usually on a Wednesday afternoon.

Laurin profile pic


Our wise owl here at The Core, Laurin specialises in clinical hypnotherapy mindfulness and meditation and has a beautiful approach making you feel totally at ease. A highly qualified, natural therapist with a depth of knowledge and experience. Laurin is here to help you regain control of our lives, whether your goal is giving up smoking, getting to grips with phobia issues, anxiety problems, pain management support, overcoming traumatic memories, conflicts of the mind or guiding you to a better place generally the help she can offer is endless.
Laurin also hosts T'ai Chi Chih classes in our large Stables Studio, she is one of only 4 people in the UK qualified to teach this form of T'ai Chi which is particularly suited to those who prefer a gentle meditative form of exercise.

Kay Barltrop


Kay Barltrop is a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and is currently completing advanced training in Psychotherapy. She prides herself on maintaining a high standard of ethical practice and adheres to the UKCP codes of ethics in counselling and psychotherapy. She is a member of the UKCP, IARTA, UKATA, EATA and the Metanoia Institute.
Kay's has a wonderfully warm personality and practices a theoretical approach based on Transactional Analysis which focuses on exploring a person's personality and how this has been formed by their childhood experiences. ​ Kay holds a clinic here every Wednesday supporting clients through a wide range of issues including, but not limited to; anxiety, depression, abuse, anger management, bereavement, alcohol and drug issues, stress, unwanted thoughts and feelings, work issues, relationship difficulties, divorce and trauma.



Rachel Vere-White DipHB(KGH) started her Midwifery training in 2011 and as a Midwife she has seen how hypnobirthing can have a positive impact on a woman’s pregnancy and birth experience. So, when an opportunity came along for her to complete the Royal College of Midwives approved KGHypnobirthing teacher training course, she had to do it! Acquiring that qualification, enabled her to realise her dream of running holistic antenatal classes… and so Blissful Birthing was born!


CZ Jackie Profile


We all work as a team, the right person for the right treatment, Jackie coordinates our Pilates course bookings, she also ensures all clients receive a warm welcome with a truly caring approach. Jacks helps keep everyone in touch with our clients needs and is our provider of a wonderful morning smile.

CZ Rachael profile pic


Rachael works on our website and manages promotions. She has been in design and marketing since leaving school, and has been self employed since the birth of her son 17 years ago. She freely admits, other than daily dog walking, exercise has never been a huge part of her life, but she discovered pilates with Shaena around six years ago and now she'll evangelise about the benefits whenever she gets the opportunity!!