Pregnancy yoga courses at The Core Zone in Middleton Cheney, near Banbury

Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Yoga Courses

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In 2016, Lisa, our yoga expert, qualified in Pre and post-natal yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga. She became a mother herself in 2010 and for a second time in 2012, and felt yoga was, and is, an excellent way to prepare and then heal the rapidly changing body and mind for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Lisa’s Pregnancy yoga classes are designed specifically for the rapidly changing body and mind of the expectant mother. She has created her own flows, modifying some of her Vinyasa experience. They are gentle, sociable classes, allowing the body to stretch and strengthen safely, helping with many pregnancy related ailments. She also incorporates restorative poses to soothe the nervous system, guided hypno-birthing scripts and affirmations.

The classes help prepare you for birthing and motherhood and provide quality time to for you to connect with your unborn baby and other expectant mums.

The course will also introduce restorative yoga, which also allows your mind a rest from the stresses and anxieties you may be feeling during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

It is important to strike a balance by also practicing gentler, more restful poses that teach mum-to-be how to soften and surrender when she needs to relax. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of quieter, restorative poses is that they offer the mother time to be with her baby, listen to her baby and to her own body and, if anything, the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of her inner thoughts and feelings.

Suitable from 12-14 weeks through to birth.

You can view course dates and pay for a course here 

N.b as there are 3 classes a week to choose from, should you need to miss one if advised in advance you are able to make up on another session that same week, however missed classes cannot be carried over.

If you are due during the term please let Lisa know so she can adjust the course price so you can still attend up until birth.

Learn more about Lisa Valentine here