energy boosting smoothie

Energy Boosting Smoothie

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It’s that time of year again, when the evenings draw in, the temperature drops and many of us experience that general end of year fatigue.
Obviously, as a Pilates teacher you’d expect me to recommend practicing Pilates regularly to maintain mobility and increase energy levels, and yes of course that is always going to be beneficial at any time of year, but I’m also a big promoter of good nutrition and often casually offer a quick smoothie recipe to my clients.
Well recently I’ve discovered a fabulous “winter blues” busting smoothie combination  and many of you have commented on how well I’ve been looking. The secret is –Watermelon and cucumber!
energy boosting smoothie

What makes cucumber and watermelon so special?

Watermelon contains potassium (one of the most important minerals in the body, as it helps with nerve function, muscle contraction and fluid regulation) and magnesium (to help lower blood sugar, improve sluggish digestion,  bone strength and helps regulate sleep.
Cucumber and watermelon both have good levels of Vitamin C and A and are generally a great combination for reducing harmful toxins that can cause cellular damage in our bodies and in our largest organ, the skin. We all appreciate if our skin is healthy we radiate a healthy glow.
So if you want to combat the winter blues and maintain immunity levels,  then I strongly recommend you stock up on cucumber and watermelon, invest in a Nutra Ninja (my most favourite gadget right now) and get blitzing.
You won’t look back. You’ll be glowing and feeling fantastic for Christmas and be better prepared to shrug off whatever life may throwing at you this winter.
Enjoy your smoothies and let me know if you feel any improvements  or have any other energy boosting recipes.