The Mobiliser – A dressage rider’s secret weapon

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Research has shown that even a slightly stiff spine can degrade the connection between a rider and their horse. If the rider is also in pain then their poor movement could permanently affect their horse.

Centaur Biomechanics, equine gait analysis experts, designed and ran a research study analysing 12 riders and their horses, from medium level up to European Medal Level.

The research showed an exciting and significant improvement in the movement of 11 horses after their rider received a series of Mobiliser sessions.

Clinical Spine Scans showed that changes in the rider’s thoracic spine, after Mobilising, correlated to improvement in the horses’ gait.

The horses had an average of 4 degrees more flexion in their hocks.
Some were as high as 10 degrees. The horses stayed softer and rounder covering the ground with more activity.

Most riders reported improved poise and less pain for several days and wanted these benefits permanently.

The Mobiliser – keeps you flexible, mobile and supple. It is the dressage rider’s secret weapon!

“I started to use the Mobiliser at the end of 2013 after suffering with stiffness and back pain. Dressage riders spend more time sat in the saddle than many other ridden disciplines and we have communication with the horse through our back, seat, legs and hands. All of these prime communication tools are connected to the spine and I have found that using the Mobiliser helps to keep my back much more mobile. I feel refreshed and relaxed after using it and my sleep patterns are much more regular. It certainly helps me as part of a health and mobility regime that includes physio and exercise.”
Carl Hester
Carl Hester
“I suffered for years with disrupted sleep and back tension. Now, following regular sessions on the Mobiliser I drift to sleep easily. However, the biggest difference has been with my riding – it isn’t just experienced horses that go better, but the young horses have also benefited. I can amplify the flatwork training because my own body is now more poised, flexible and coordinated from using the Mobi”.
Bettina Hoy

The Mobiliser can be your secret weapon too

Learn how regular Mobiliser sessions can help improve flexibility and reduce joint pain in just 5 sessions