Road Rage!!!

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We are aware the road closure is causing some of our clients a considerable amount of inconvenience, and as a result some are having to cancel their classes and treatments. Obviously, we are concerned this road closure could lose us valued clients, but primarily our concern is for those clients who benefit enormously from the therapies and classes we offer here. This article from the Banbury Guardian highlights some of this issues we are facing. If you scroll to the end of the article there is a link to a petition calling for the Government to provide funds to re-open the A422 between Banbury and Brackley. Please take a minute to register your support, if it receives 100,000 signatures it will go to debate in parliament. Thank you so much

Read more at:…/hundreds-sign-petition-…


It only takes a few minutes and if it receives over 100,000 signatures it will have to go to debate in Parliament for central government to provide the essential funds to re-open the A422 .
Thank you