Chiropractic Treatments

how they can help

The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to realign the body to relieve any pain and discomfort experienced. This discomfort may occur for a variety of reasons including poor posture, sports injuries or general wear and tear, these can all lead to pain, restricted mobility, numbness or pins and needles.

Chiropractic is a whole body method of adjusting the body to improve the alignment of the skeleton and improve efficiency of the nervous system to relieve pain and increase overall mobility. The gentle nature of the method makes it a treatment suitable for people of all ages.

Our resident Chiropractor Liz has years of experience helping sports professionals heal after injury. She fully appreciates if your body structure is not correctly aligned, over time you will start to blame your aches & pains on your age, life & other things. The problems only escalate from there, so she believes prevention is so much better than cure and recommends regular chiropractic & massage.

Don’t ignore your body, take the first step towards increased mobility by booking a consultation today.

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If you suffer from long term mobility issues or back pain but prefer a less “hands-on’ treatment, we recommend sessions on our Mobiliser. This incredible piece of equipment helps to relieve joint stiffness and improve mobility when used regularly. Call reception to book an appointment.

Looking after your back is crucial to remaining fit and mobile – this article provided by Liz our Chiropractor gives some great advice to help keep your spine in tip-top condition.

Liz Lindford BSc,D.C. M.M.C.A. M.C.C.

Liz, our resident chiropractor is available for appointments on Mondays and Thursday from 10.00am - 6.00pm and Fridays from 9.00am until 1.00pm

New patient consultations £60. | Follow-on appointments £44

Contact reception to book or message Liz on 07767 658743