Finding us

We are very fortunate to be located in a rural location within the boundaries of Burgess Farm, overlooking beautiful views of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. However one of the few disadvantages of being situated as we are, is that finding our driveway on a dark winter night can be a bit tricky. We hope by providing the following information visiting us for the first time will be a stress free experience.

You can find Burgess Farm on the A422 between Banbury and Brackley, just on the outskirts of Middleton Cheney.

The A422 is a very busy route particularly at peak travel times. When approaching Burgess Farm from Banbury you will need to turn right shortly after passing the turning to Middleton Cheney on the left. Look out for a Purple Core Zone sign post, a small blue Burgess Farm sign or an A Board advertising Dawn’s Flowers.

The pictures below may help you find us.

Please approach the turning with caution, particularly in the dark as vehicles often exceed the speed limit and the entrance is poorly lit. Please be aware the initial entrance is a single vehicle track, with vehicles entering from the main road having the right of way.

Once you have crossed the main road to Burgess Farm service road, continue along the road, past several large workshops on the left, as you reach the end of the road you will see a large Banbury Stone barn with Core Zone parking spaces marked on the wall. You can park in any of those spaces or drive around to the left and turn right at the end of the barn to park outside our reception area.

If you are attending yoga classes at The Core Zone these take place in our Stables Studio which has it’s own allocated parking area. Simply drive past the first barn and follow the dirt track around to the right, over a few bumpy bits, then turn right into the parking area. You will see the Stables Barn to the left with a courtyard directly ahead.

When leaving our studio we ask you are courteous to other users of the private road, adhere to the speed limit and respect the right of way given to vehicles accessing the site from the main road.

Thank you