Relaxation workshop

Stress to Success – Relaxation Workshop

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Anxiety is a normal, human feeling of fear or panic. When we face stressful situations, it can set off our brain’s in-built alarm bell system, which tells us something isn’t right and that we need to deal with it. Our brain wants the difficult situation to go away, so it makes us feel more alert, stops us thinking about other things, and even pumps more blood to our legs to help us run away.

Most of us worry – about all kinds of things, and modern life has intensified the worries for many young people. Therefore, exam time can trigger particularly high levels of anxiety and stress.

With this in mind, and public exams just around the corner we thought we would share some of our expert knowledge and host an relaxation and meditation event for young people.

Relaxation workshop

Stress to Success – Chill Out Sessions
Two invaluable events, specifically designed for young people, to assist with managing pre-exam stress as well as general feelings of anxiety.
Our DBS certified trainers will guide them through effective breathing exercises, discuss signs and symptoms of anxiety, provide visualisation tools and recommend coping strategies. And, because we appreciate the important part exercise plays in stress reduction, participants will be shown basic, relaxing Pilates and Yoga moves, followed by a short meditation session. To conclude, if participants are comfortable doing so, they will receive a gentle head massage to stimulate circulation, and then be encouraged to sit, wrapped in a blanket with a soothing hot drink, before heading home for a restful night’s sleep.

Childs pose in Pilates class
Tracey Timms Pilates instructor

Hosted by Tracey Timms

Tracey, is a SENCO, DBS certified as well as a qualified Pilates Instructor and Mental Health First Aider.

First two sessions to be held on Friday 20 March

Stress to Success – Chill Out | For 7 to 12 years | 6.00pm

Stress to Success – Pre Exam Chill Out | For 12 to 18 years | 8.00pm