Saturday Pilates

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If you are an early bird and fancy trying a new routine at the weekend why not sign-up to our new Rise & Shine Saturday Pilates classes. Created to get you out of bed feeling bright and breezy and set for the weekend ahead. 

An ideal class for runners or gym bunnies as a comprehensive warm-up, but also for the less energetic it incorporates moves that will help to ease you out of any uncomfortable sleep positions that can often cause back pain. Also perfect for those who simply need some quiet mindfulness time away from a chaotic family home.  

Our Rise & Shine Saturday morning classes offer a full body workout for Pilates novices or those with more experience. Hosted by our “enthusiastic early bird” Tracey Timms, these early morning sessions will start any weekend positively and leave you feeling stronger, taller, calmer and looser… just as Joseph Pilates intended.

Each class has a duration of 40 minutes and is suitable for mixed abilities. Please wear comfortable clothes, no belts or zips, and non-slip socks. Mats, water and all equipment is provided.

Pilates is all about creating balance in the body and even if it’s just this 10 minutes each morning, it will make all the difference. It’s gentle on your body and will leave you feeling ready to take on your day!

Rise & Shine

Saturday Morning Pilates
£ 10
per class
  • Every Saturday during our 8 week terms