Release the Psoas and Deep Core

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Recently Shaena attended an instructor’s workshop hosted by Catherine Annis, a yoga instructor well known in her field for her imaginative and practical approach to yoga. Her advice and techniques completely blew Shaena’s mind, so much so, she was inspired … Continued

Fast-Track Your Pilates Body

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Why two pilates sessions a week are better than one People ask when they sign up for Pilates lessons “How often should I do Pilates?”  Of course there is no standard response, it depends on what kind of results you … Continued

Festive Beauty Specials

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Hi all, Well Christmas is heading our way very quickly, so it seems. I’m sure you’re all planning festive parties and get togethers. To help with all the beauty preparations I’ve come up with a few special offers to help … Continued

Lavender – breathe it in and relax

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Lavender bath bombs; lavender candles; deodorizing lavender sachets for your shoes, car or underwear drawer; lavender diffusers; lavender essential oils; even lavender chill pills for humans and dogs, and a search on Pinterest will deliver 370 recipes for lavender desserts. … Continued