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Jump Start Your Summer!

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If the last time you jumped on a trampoline was at a kid’s birthday party, then it’s time you put a spring into you exercise routine, and experienced the fantastic benefits of regular exercise on a Rebounder mini trampoline.

Rebounding is a safe, effective and fun low impact workout performed on a small trampoline designed to absorb impact and be kind on your joints.  It’s a full body workout that burns fat, strengthens and tones the core, legs and upper body, improves lymphatic drainage and boosts the immue system (ladies… it’s also especially good for your pelvic floor! Guys – It will melt fat and get you in the best shape of your life!)

This fun form of exercise has become a firm celebrity favourite with Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Madonna incorporating it into their fitness regimes.

According to Co-founder of ReboundUK and Fitness Trainer James Winfield, Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago, but the secret to truly effective bounce routine is for it to be performed correctly, on high quality purpose made small circular trampolines. The idea is to concentrate on the downward push motion through the balls of the feet into the mat surface, with your knees slightly bent and slight lean forward through the hips.  With a well sprung rebounder the spring or bungee system will then propel you upwards leaving the mat no more than 6 inches in height. This creates a unique pressure exchange or gravitational pull which is at the heart of what makes Rebounding have such a positive effect on our body.

At the bottom of the bounce on landing (“the push”) your exercise body weight can be up to 3.24 times heavier than normal whilst when you leave the mat during the upward jump phase  (“the jump”) you are completely weightless.  When we are weightless (floating) this gives us an incredible feeling of well-being, releasing healthy endorphins that make us feel great and lift our mood.  This probably explains why children love to jump as it makes them feel joyful and independent.  It his this constant change in gravitational pressure that works every single cell in the body making Rebounding one of the most effective and enjoyable all-over body workouts ever designed.


Suitable for people of all ages and abilities our fun Cardio Core Classes using Rebounders offer the following health benefits:


Just 30 minutes of rebounding a day could help you lose weight quickly, achieving a higher calorie burn due gravitational pull.


Exercising on an unstable surface, provides a constant balance challenge, stimulating contraction of core muscles. Strengthening these important muscles can protect us from injury, strengthen the spine, improve posture and create a flatter belly.


Through continual bouncing Rebounding stimulates the lymphatic system creating a “pump” effect which moves and recycles the lymph many times during a rebounding session, helping to build a free-flowing system that efficiently drains away toxins.


Exercises performed on the rebounder can consist of squats, lunges, twists, bends, pushes and gait patterns including postural exercise that force every muscle in the body to continually contract and relax. This results in us becoming stronger, leaner and more flexible.


Regular exercise on a Rebounder can take away up to 87% shock of impact versus working out/jumping on a wooden/hard floor. This means you can work at high intensity but without damaging your joints.

Experience all these great benefits for yourself at one of our
Cardio Core classes.

Held on Mondays 10.30am and 8.20pm, Wednesdays 6.30pm and Fridays 10.20am and 11.15am

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