Help us stay safe

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Despite the new found freedoms encouraged by the relaxation of COVID restrictions, to maintain the positive momentum we must continue to proceed with caution.

All our staff are now fully vaccinated and we know many of you have too received COVID vaccinations, which is incredibly positive, but to avoid any infection risk we still need to observe strict covid safety rules. 

Respect Our Open Door Policy

As we only have 10 minutes to sanitise all communal areas and equipment between classes if our reception door is closed when you arrive, we respectfully request you wait outside or in your cars until a member of the team opens the door to invite you in.

Please Wear A Mask

We ask you continue to wear masks in reception until you step onto your mat, and if possible, please keep them on during your class.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

You are welcome to fill your bottle from our water machine, but we can no longer provide plastic cups.

Remove Outdoor Shoes

When entering the studio please always remove outdoor shoes and wear socks, please no bare feet.

Store Belongings Safely

Pop shoes, bags, keys and coats into the purple trugg positioned by your mat.


We continue to constantly sanitise touch points and equipment and ask you sanitise your hands when entering and exiting the studio.

Keep Your Distance

We will be observing the 2 metre distancing rules between mats for your safety and comfort and ask you respect those rules when moving around the building.

Pay By Phone

To avoid unnecessary congestion in reception we ask you ring us during opening hours to pay for your Pilates course.

Thank you for your co operation and helping us to help you.