Last Spring Detox of the Season

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Our last SPRING DETOX of the season has been confirmed.

Friday 25th May @ 7.00-8.30pm,
Limited availability only £25 per person

It’s a well known fact Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean our closets, to clear out clutter we no longer use so we have room for the new things to come.
Likewise, Spring is an ideal time to renew and to cleanse our minds and bodies too. Naturally our bodies have a process for getting rid of waste products, but sometimes, after a long, gloomy winter or a prolonged period of inactivity it needs a boost to aid the elimination of these toxins.

We invite you to join Shaena and Lisa for a detox pamper session that can assist your body in the process of cleansing itself. 

The evening will include gentle Thai massage, to improve realignment of energy lines, aided yoga stretches, Indian Head Massage, lavender eye pillows and a Spring guided meditation. In addition, you can enjoy a delicious all natural juice or smoothie to complete the evening.

This pamper session will help you feel more energized, lighter and healthier, especially if you’ve been feeling sluggish or are experiencing digestion problems, have a lack of stamina, poor concentration, aches and pains, or skin problems.

Are you ready to restore and detox?

Please reserve your place and pop in or call the Core Zone to make payment to confirm your place
01295 710804