Meditation at The Core Zone

Is the stress of modern life sucking the enjoyment out of you?

Do you find that you have no energy left to do the things you enjoy?

Have you lost confidence, or do you suffer from anxiety and worrying thoughts that are keeping you awake at night?

Do you suffer from physical symptoms as a result, such as IBS or panic attacks?

Has all the fun gone out of your life and you feel you are stuck?

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown through scientific studies to help you move on when you feel under this sort of pressure. It can help you break patterns of negative thinking and worrying and put you back in control. It teaches you how to practice to get things back in perspective.
In this small friendly group we will share the background to Mindfulness Meditation and practice together, sharing our experiences. It is based on buddhist meditation, but is developed for the modern world…there is no chanting!

To find out more about our classes please contact reception